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Therapeutic Massage

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Located in the area of Baymeadows & Phillips Highway, near I-95. Nancy, a licensed massage and colon hydrotherapist, offers the following massage services:

  • Swedish

  • Deep Tissue

  • Sports

  • Neuromuscular massage

    Physiological Benefits of Massage:

  • Stimulate blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system, improving the elimination of waste throughout the body.

  • Relieves accumulated tension and restores flexibility to tight, sore muscles and improves muscle tone.

  • Stimulates or calms nervous system depending what is required by the client it can be either relaxing and reassuring, providing comfort or refreshing and rejuvenating, boosting energy.

  • Improves posture by enhancing one's own awareness of the body

  • Slows and regulates respiration, promoting deeper and easier breathing.

  • Increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue

  • Relieves cramps and muscle spasms and reduces pain and swellings by stimulation the release of endorphins (the body's natural painkiller) into the brain and nervous system.

  • Fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments by preventing and reducing excessive scar tissue.

  • Stretches connective tissue and increases tissue metabolism.

  • Increases joint mobility and range of motion.

  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate.

  • Increases red blood cell count.

  • Stimulates immune system and strengthens resistance to disease.

  • Improves skin tone by removing dead cells and improving circulation .

  • Enables body to withstand fatigue.

  • Increases physical stress tolerance.

  • Body become less prone to injury.

  • Increases physical confidence.

  • Lengthen compressed joints.

  • Improve flow of nutrients to soft tissues and joints.

  • Regenerates tissue, including burns, wounds and wrinkles.

Psychological Benefits of Massage:

  • Reduces mental stress and promotes better sleep.

  • Induces mental relaxation and calms temper.

  • Fosters peace of mind.

  • Provides a relaxed state of mental alertness.

  • Improves concentration.

  • Enhance capacity for calm thinking and creativity.

  • Improves ability to monitor stress and respond appropriately.

  • Enables a person to make peace between their ambitions and limitations.

Emotional Benefits of Massage:

  • Reduces anxiety.

  • Provides a soothing and comforting alternative to verbal therapeutic techniques, such as counseling.

  • Generates confidence and feeling of well being.

  • Enhances self-image and self-worth.

  • Satisfies the need for caring and nourishing touch.

  • Reduces sense of isolation.

  • Increases awareness of mind-body connection.

In a neutral environment our bodies are well equipped to deal with short term stress situations and the imbalances they create. Balance is restored to the systems of the body in a repeating cycle of physiological move and counter move.

Long-term stress inhibits the balancing process by denying the body the opportunity and interrupting the cycle. Chronic long-term stress, often self-imposed by modern work pressures, economic and social aspirations coupled with environmental stress of urban living may maintain imbalance with all its attendant problems.

Massage may offer the ultimate solution to these damaging effects of accumulated stress and aid in harmonizing a troubled body and mind.

Massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints. A form of therapy, massage can be applied to parts of the body or successively to the whole body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension. Where massage is used for its physical and psychological benefits, it may be termed "therapeutic massage therapy" or manipulative therapy.

A Massage Therapist assesses clients by conducting range of motion and muscle testing and propose treatment plans; treats soft tissue and joints of the body through soft tissue manipulation, hydrotherapy, remedial exercise programs and client self help programs; provides courses of treatment for medical conditions and injuries or wellness maintenance; maintains records of treatments given; and may work with other healthcare professionals as part of a team that facilitates an environment that promotes health and overall wellness.

Most types of massage can be performed with pressure ranging from superficial to deep. The ideal amount for therapeutic massage is when the receiver experiences some discomfort ("hurts, good"), which activates the body's natural healing response. If it is too deep, the result may be another trauma to the body. Some soreness after the massage is acceptable if it lasts less than one or two days.

Service Prices:

Purchase six colonics &
receive a complimentary
Infrared Sauna or Aqua
Chi session.

2 Person Special
Each purchase six colonic sessions for only $360 for each series

1 session - $80
Six sessions - $400
Follow up sessions - $67

Infrared Sauna
Each session - $45.00
Six Sessions - $175

Aqua Chi
Each Session - $35.00
Six Sessions - $175

Lymphatic Drainage
Each session - $75

Massage Therapy
Each session - $75.00



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